Prefabricated Structures

Prefabricated StructuresVogue Engineering Services   is experienced to plan, design, fabricate & Install all types of Prefabricated Structures We provide a one stop shop for your building needs.Our prefab building system aims to manufacture and supply prefabricated houses and buildings with its innovative, most modern and superb design and high quality construction.Prefab system is ideally suited for large varieties of housing and building construction, including factories, warehouses, sport halls, workshops, aircraft hangers, ship yards, office buildings, commercial showrooms, distribution centers, supermarkets, small shops, restaurants and any one, two or three story building.


  1. Long service life
  2. Enhanced architectural appearance
  3. Expandable
  4. Easy to assemble
  5. Designed by keeping all kinds of climatic and seismic conditions in mind
  6. Re-locatable
  7. Easy to transport/Light weight
  8. Modular
  9. Multi-purpose
  10.  Maximum usable space
  11. Fast Delivery & Installation
  12. Highest Quality- Built to last

Also Available Expanded Polystyrene Sheets (Any thickness) and C channels.