Misc Fabrication

Storage Tanks & Allied piping works

VES has capability & resources to provide fabrication & erection of above ground welded storage tanks in accordance with API 650 standard. We have developed a very competent & experienced team for the construction of all kinds and capacity storage tanks and allied piping jobs. VES has developed method statements for construction, risk assessments, hydro testing and vacuum box testing of bulk storage tanks.

Form works & Tunneling

We have the capabilities & resources to design, fabricate & erect any kind of formworks for hydropower & construction industry in accordance with ASME codes & OSHA regulations. Some of the benefits of our formwork solutions are
·         Easy to shift
·         Light weight
·         Safe design
·         Cost Effective Design
·          Easy to install
·         Long Service Life
·         Easy to Transport
·         Equipped with hydraulic jacking
·         Equipped with vibrators
We have extensive experience in tunneling, steel fixing, concreting and lining using indigenously developed and manufactured form works.

Gas Tight Doors (GTDs)

Our doors & hatches are used in rooms, containers and buildings with requirements for air tightness; accompanying features are moderate blast resistance, fire resistance & sound reduction.
Typical applications are boilers rooms, engine rooms, electro rooms, control rooms and air locks.
VES doors are constructed of double skin carbon steel. Door frames are of profiled steel with flange for bolting into the host building structure.
Door are tested in accordance with NS 3206 for air tightness, we prefer single leaf GTDs as the performance of double leaf doors slightly deviate.

Blast Proof Door (BPDs)

The blast proof door is designed to protect human life from any accidental explosion that may occur in a petrochemical plant or in industrial manufacturing facilities, to offer disaster prevention for main facilities and to effectively manage & control explosion at military facilities.
Vogue Engineering Services is well versed in fabrication & erection of blast proof doors & hatches of all sizes & capacity. VES has the resources & logistics to provide on site fabrication, erection of BPDs & their locking mechanisms. Our skilled professionals have developed special techniques & methodologies to install heavy BPDs in constricted spaces with high degree of safety resulting most excellent performance during operation. VES fabrication & erections comply with following international standards
·         ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessels  VIII
·         ASME Welding & Brazing Qualification IX
·         ASME Non Destructive Examination V

Piping Works:

Piping is used for industrial (process), marine, transportation, civil engineering and for commercial (plumbing) purposes. Management & staff of VES served the piping industry in its all aspects; now equipped & eager to take piping jobs in following in accordance with ASME B 31 & applicable international codes and standards
·         Carbon steel piping
·         Stainless steel piping
·         MS piping

Vogue Engineering Services is experienced in assembly, installation & relocation of machinery & equipments, cooling towers, Hydronic system heating, AHUS, chillers, turn tables, steel silos, EOT cranes, communication towers, hydrants & fire protection systems.

NDT & Weld Inspections
To provide quality welds and to avoid delays caused by weld repairs, VES hired experienced welding inspectors & NDT staff, qualified from Pakistan Welding Institute & National centre for Non Destructive Testing. This shows our quality concern & reliability of our services giving a leading edge to our competitors. We maintain a comprehensive quality record of

WPS (welding Procedure Specification)
WPQR (Welding Procedure Qualification Record)
WPQ (Welding performance Qualifications)

Weld inspection & testing done & certified internally and by external independent body where necessary

In House Structural Design & Drafting

Vogue engineering services Pvt. Limited is providing services in structural & machine part design using modern engineering design tools. We have expertise in following design tools

Pro-engineer wildfire 4.0
AutoCAD 3D


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